Koprinka Lake (Panorama photo)

Panorama Shot from Lake in Koprinka Bulgaria
Click on the photo for large version and hope you like it although its simple :)

New Panorama Photos Category…

I will be starting a new Panorama photos category in my blog and I will be starting to update my blog almsot daily from now on, I hope you will enjoy my new works, didn’t write from so long :) Hope you find it interesting and useful…

In Yundola Bulgaria
Click on the photo for large version and hope you like it although its simple :)

Folds of winter

My new winter photography, its now really cold in Europe, as you can see on the photo below the lake that I previously make many shots of has freezed and became all ice, its thick enough to walk over it, and I did… It was really nice although a bit dangerous but cool feeling and I am happy I did. Hope you like this new photo of mine..

For better resolution in : http://500px.com/photo/4921663

Photography: Fresh Air

A summer reminder, photography: Fresh Air, hope you all like it..

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Photography: For You

A new photography shot for a special friend of mine, I wish to share it with all of you my readers, hope you like it all…

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Photography: Silent Symphony

There is nothing more refreshing than staying alone with the silent nature and it’s beauty in an earlier morning. I was in need to take a new break again, because of my very busy shedule I usualy feel tired, my best and lovely moments are in times when I go on some beautiful place and enjoy the silence and beauty of nature. This time I am sharing a photo with you my readers from one of the best places I love to visit, it is most beautiful when you go there at mornings just before there was a rain and then became sunny, the atmosphere is very calm and fresh, with a colors of the landscape which blows your mind and make your days happy and full of pure energy. Hope you all like this shot!

Photography: Tiny Pal

A few days ago, while I was having some relax from my loaded schedule, I took my camera and got out to have some fun with it. It was rainy and not that nice weather but I don’t like to spend all my time only on projects, I always find time to do something fun and different. While out I have found a place with some snails and nice grass, great to shoot. What was really nice was that I meet this little tiny pal who was lucky traveling for free on his friend’s back. Looks like a nice shot đŸ˜‰  Hope you like it.

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