The worst color schemes you can choose for the articles in your web site.

The worst color schemes you can choose for the articles in your web site (my opinion)!

I usually don’t find very bad color combinations in the articles sections on a professional web sites, because almost every designer have some feeling about the colors.  But usually some Blogger users (designers or not) are using schemes which are incompatible.


1.The background of our articles and the Worst 5:

1. Purple background, Green text!

Like the example below. Well in some places this maybe will work fine, but usually a big NO from me. This is a combination which I don’t like and usually when I see such web site, I don’t have the willing to read what is there.


2.White background and lightly blue.

Maybe some people will say, well this is nice color combination. Well maybe it is but not for you articles page. Extremely not for there. You begin reading and after some seconds your eyes are begining to wink. You know why! Light text colors on light background is incompatible.

3.Red background, blue text.

This 2 colors combined together can work very good sometimes really. But not in a web site for our article! This combination is telling me: Stop to read! The-worst-color-schemes-you-can-choose-for-your-web-site.-The-worst-5-3

4.Orange background and green text.

This can be good combination of colors on a box for Orange juice! I mean that if there is orange with leafs and the text there should not be green again. Not lighter! Using such light background with light text colors just not work good. And off course there have always some exceptions. I’ll show you what I mean in the next rows.


5.Light blue background some green text 😮 Everybody see that’s not very nice…


There have more like this: brown background and red text… black background with red, lightly green, lightly blue or purple :0 – very ugly, you can use this colors for example if your site is with a background color and there have some links with blue and red colors. But not for the articles where the people should read! For example me – I never use such colors!

Well this are some bad combination which some peoples (designers or not) using in their blogs or web sites. Really rare but there have some… Such colors over-strain the eyes. Just remember that rule lightly background with light text are not good for the reader.

This are just some examples and there have more: pink background and purple text: some peoples thing it looks lovely but it’s not! black backgorund yellow text. – not so bad but not so good!

2. The background of our articles and 5 not so bad, but not that good.

1.Black background and yellow text.

I am even wondering is this not for the category of the first 5! After you read some of the text it begins to get boring. How and why?  It looks somehow unnatural and a little ugly. I don’t mind if the background is soft yellow and the text is black…


2.White background, orange text.

This one looks nice, fresh and it’s incompatible for long articles. You have a lot of pages and articles? Don’t use this then… again a light background and light text which is an exception and you can use it. But not always! Maybe for some small part of your web site and it depends what’s the subject of yours site.


3.Grey background color and yellow text.

It’s similarity to the example above. It seems to be better, and it’s not that bad. But I prefer the yellow was white or black…

4.White background and purple text.

It looks much better than purple background and light blue text. And if you like purple or you’re making such web site I am suggesting you to use this one! Not the best, but much better than purple and lightly blue.

5.Brown background, green text.

Well, yes it can be used and it can be good in some web sites… You have some site related to nature, some food, tea and you want some brown and green web site… Yes but it should be used with measure and this colors should not be highly contrast.


So after this examples the 1 thing you should end up here is that: Not too high contrast colors in your articles. Exceptions are: text links and sometimes buttons which appear in it!

3. The background of our articles: Some exceptions.

Some exception to the list of 5 above (But not the first 5) are: When we have some portfolio web site, some flash web site for example. We can use Brown background and green text for example, or some dark blue with lighter blue, some similar color variations.

For example in our about, contact page or for some links texts. Also very important is what is the area around our article. The color of the whole site is important,and you can always experiment but the main rule about article section is this: Lighter background colors and darker texts or dark background colors and lighter texts.

Well that is my list for the worst color schemes you can choose for the articles section in your web sites. Some of you can probably say: Well I like them, why should stop using them. You can still use them, but with the high contrast on the 1st 5 it looks bad and non professional.  If you like this colors and want to learn how to use them properly: Check my next article

Which are the best colors I can choose for the articles in my web site?

Hope you’ve learned something here and I am always open for suggestions and critique.
Feel free to drop a comment, also you can show some design with bad color schemes you found on the internet.

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  1. Well I’m sorry but I believe I can come up with a worse combination, after dedicated research.
    DISCLAIMER: do not point this combination at people’s eyes, it may be prosecutable under your jurisdiction.


    [h2 style=”font-family: garamond; font-size: 20px; font-style: italic; font-weight:bolder; text-transform: lowercase; color: #c0c001; background-color: #c0a0c0; text-decoration:blink;”]text here[/h2]

    (replace [ and ] with )

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  2. (the text got formated by some moronic script so maybe this escapes the characters: &lt and &gt. if they didn’t appear, well, you know, I meant HTML tags)

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  3. Yeah I got it. Thanks for your comment Camilo.
    I tried this combination you posted here, it’s really worse. I was not seeing such before lol.

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