In this video tutorial I will show you how I’ll make a rounded corners template for my blog. In the video I have a screen shot from this web site and I’ll re-design it in photoshop, giving it rounded corners.

My personal opinion is that the video is not for completely newbie users of Photoshop maybe because I am doing the things too fast. But yes they can watch and they can learn something. I am just sorry I’ll not explain every single thing I am doing. But the main idea here is to give you some inspiration and ideas for designing. Not so much about how to use Photoshop in this video exactly.

After all I’ll give some little tips in the video of what I am doing but not about everything. Before watching the video I hope you’ll read this rows here also, so you’ll know what I am doing and not wondering about everything what happens in the screen below.

Here in a few words: I’ll move every part from the screen shot I have in a separate layer. After that I’ll begin to design, Every single part of the design I make, I will do it on a new layer below the screen layer of that section. I hope you will get the idea.

I am using mostly rounded rectangle tool and I’ll draw mostly with it. I’ll also give some layer styles to my shapes after that. So that’s basically everything I’ll do. Enjoy this tutorial

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