If you already have read my post about the worst colors you can choose for the articles in your web pages, you know already my opinion about it. And I hope you agree with me for most of them. But I  have mentioned that there have some exceptions about them.

And I said they can be used with measure, yes they can but there have a ways for almost everything somehow in some way we can adjust the things to work and to looks good.

Let me explain. First of all the combination of colors of our template is very important.

If you want your web site to look nice you must use somewhere around 3 colors or maximum 5 for the base of your template. I do not say that you should have only 3-5 color in your web page, lol this will look too simple and non professional. But go and look in some professional web designs out there and you’ll notice that every web site have some color for it’s base.

Example web site for nature maybe will be with mostly green fresh color with some brown around or something like that. So you should have some colors for your base depending of what your site is about. I’ll probably make a post about that in future but let’s continue with our articles..

I have said that lightly background with light text are not good for the reader, and I have give example for incompatible colors. For some of them you really should avoid using them,but for some there have exceptions and we can adjust them. We only need to make them a little bit softer. And off course there have some which looks just good and some which looks just great.

And let’s begin with my list from the best you can choose.

1. Standard white and black is one of the best and you really can use it almost in every web site,without need to change so much things. But if you want something else?

Off course you will want, especially if you like to experiment with colors. Then I hope the next suggestions will help you.

Standard white and black image

2.Make your background and your text not so white and not so much black. Make it a little bit gray. Black to be a little bit brighter and white to be a little bit gray. And use this combination if you can with your design.

This combination will not make anyone eyes to cry. This is because this are soft colors and they are similar. You know even in programs like Photoshop the combination of colors are similar in the new versions. Grey background and not so black texts.

Black background and gray text image

3. Again gray background and dark soft blue. This looks very nice. You can read from this for long time. The same way you can use another color instead of blue. It can be dark green. I have mentioned the hexadecimal code for them in the image below.

Dark text and gray background image

4.Soft light blue and soft dark blue like in the picture. Well this will begin to look not so good after a while, but it’s a exceptions and you can use it.

text dark blue and soft light blue

5. The opposite to number 2 and I have seen that many peoples begin to use it. On a black web site for portfolios and Photography web pages, for tutorial  Blogs and web sites and like http://abduzeedo.com/.

Yes this looks good and you can use it a lot if you like it. You see there have some lightly blue links and this is exactly what I mean when i said you can use such colors for links in your posts.

black background and gray text image

Let’s continue with the 5 exceptions from my article about the worst 5 colors you can choose…

1. You remember the white background and the ugly light blue with number 2 from my articles. If you really want to use such colors. Here is the way how to: You must make the lightly blue soft blue.This way it will be not the most perfect thing. But it will be better and good enough, and you can use it in that way.

I have mentioned the hexadecimal code for the color. It’s the same for the other colors, you can make them more soft and you can use them What I mean with soft is that they are not so bright.

white background and soft light blue

2. You know the orange bg + green text. Here is an example how you can make it to looks better: I do not suggest this but you can use it in some web site if you lie it so much.

light soft orange and green text

3. And the last one I will show in this post. About the lovely pink or purple.If you like this colors here is an example of how to use it. But is again an exception an you should avoid using it.

Purple or pink colors

I hope this post will help you in some way and you will learn something from it. I want to tell one more thing only. You can make your whole web site in pink or blue or very green color and you can still make your articles to be in some of the first 5 best suggested colors here.

So I thing we can always experiment but still we can stay in some rules for good design. So I’ll wait for your replies if any, and I always like new opinions and critique so we can learn from each other.

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Graphics designer and web developer from Bulgaria. Working as a freelancer from 2 years I have big experience in graphics design. In my spare time I make tutorials in my web site for tutorials: Tutorials-place.com This is one of my hobbies. I also love Photography, sports and especially martial arts and free runing.

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  • i like almost all what you mentioned.,Valen

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  • wow, this is nice! and you say you are not a designer.. this is very nice,Valen

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  • some very good advice. thanks,Valen

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