As I promised I would tell you everything I am doing to improve this blog. Today I get decision to add a Twitter badge plugin to this web site. It’s actually very easy and almost everyone knows how to add this, it even have some instructions, but let me give you some little tips about it.

The little badge look good as it’s original colors and it is in very good place: usually on the right side of the page. But you can customise it a little bit. I am suggesting this: I will change the color of the badge similar to some of the colors from my web site.

I’ll use this color now: #628088 because I thing it looks good with the design. There have an option to change the badge position from the top. I thing I will not change this value a lot, maybe with 5-7 px will be good. And there have an option to stay in Let/Right. I always prefer to stay in my right side. It’s easy to click on it and easy to read it.

After that I should put the code of this badge right before the “BODY” end tag (</body>)

Ok lets see what will happen.

Tip: something that I should tell you about: When I activated the pluging from my Plugins settings and then pasted the new code, I get this error: Cannot modify header information

The solutions is to deactivate the plugin from your WordPress admin panel – Plugins and just paste the code you have in your page before the “BODY” end tag (</body>)

It will be still there and still working. If you get such error you can try that, it helps to me and I hope it will helps to you too.

adding badge twitter

It’s here, looks good and it works. Hope this tips are in some use for you and hope you like this. Feel free to post any replies.

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