In the past 4-5 months I was working on this blog from time to time, as some of you may know, I prommised that I will build this blog from nothing and I will make a post and tutorials for everything I am doing here. Since now the design have been changed 3 times. At the beginning it was just a white space with only texts and no CSS or any images.

In the next image you can see the 3 themes I have designed and used here from the begining. They were just for learning me and my readers who need this basic info of designing and using themes for wordpress.

So after all this is the final theme. It will remain like this until I get bored with it. In the future you can expect a lot of posts here. Generally articles about design, some tutorials about my work, posts for inspiration,  sharing artwork and useful information mostly about design.

It take me some time to understand everything about Wordress, but now I can do a theme and use it here for 2-3 days. I am sure that if you looked at my tutorials you surely learned something. See ya in my next posts. 😉

Feel free to ask me anything, I am here to answer you questions always.

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Graphics designer and web developer from Bulgaria. Working as a freelancer from 2 years I have big experience in graphics design. In my spare time I make tutorials in my web site for tutorials: This is one of my hobbies. I also love Photography, sports and especially martial arts and free runing.

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