Review artwork and a brief tutorial.

I have just finished my latest artwork called I love the coffee smell. It’s made from scratch in Photoshop and Illustrator. In this post I will show you the final artwork and a brief explanation of how I made it.

It’s a mix of vectors and paintings which give this nice look and feel. Hope you like this.

Step 1

First I started this artwork willing to design a simple cup of coffee in Illustrator. So the first image was this cup I designed:

The cup looked nice but too simple. I was not satisfied of this result. So a friend suggest me to change the colors of this.

Step 2

The more good looking coloured cup:

This one is much better, the red colors give a new look of the cup and they fit good with the hearts.

Step 3

Need a background:

The beautiful cup need a beautiful background. So I have copied the cup from Illustrator and paste in Photoshop as a Smart object. Started to play with the brush tool, adding the background, the table first, the window and the curtains. Feels better but still simple.

Step 4

This curtains does not look so much good. Change them!

Here a friend give me those suggestions: The curtains not look good, add book and maybe a vase and work on the window. Yes this tips are useful and exactly good critique. The book and the pen are vector here. Other objects just a drawing.

Step 5

This curtains need to be more transparent.

That is a good tip again for this artwork and definitely worked well. Just played a bit with the opacity of the curtains layer to make them a bit more transparent.

Step 6

Add a picture at the wall and we’re done.

So added a picture and moved the cup and the book around till I like it. That’s my final artwork.

Hope you like it and feel free to reply to this with your questions, suggestions or critique.

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  1. Looks fantastic, good job.
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  2. I guess this was just a tutorial on composition? I had trouble following your grammar, and there’s no actual instruction here.

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  3. @Marco:

    Yes, this is just a tutorial on composition. I am sorry you had such problem with following the tutorial. If you did not understand something you can ask any time.

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