I was away for some time because I was in need to take a rest. So I did take a holiday and go to the mountain with a friend to relax and take some photographs. It was a nice little trip and a surprise for me was that there was still almost like a winter time, although the spring did came long time ago here. It was a bit cloudy, cold with wind and I was staying in the car most of the time until I’ve looked at a herd of horses coming from the top of the hill, they were beautiful and I was having no other choice except to take my camera and to make some photographs.

After the horses came more close to me they started to watch me curiously, but in a while they moved on to their daily routines.

While the beautiful horse with his cool funky hair was still looking at me,

The mare staying quietly started to feed herself,

Suddenly the male horse feel like bored from me (because I did take a million of shots of him 😀 ) and came close to the mare,they were in this position for some time, close to each other, looking like almost in love,

but in a while they started to fight, :shock:and another horse came too.

after that they scattered around running, it was quiet dangerous to be so close while they were fighting, so I was unable to take any photos of their fight, Sorry 😆

So after the fight the male was looking tired. He retired and isolate himself to take his rest Alone.

I was more than lucky to take this beautiful photograph of him and the background fits perfectly.

I am happy with the photo and hope you like it too.

Have a nice day.

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Photo of the day: Taking a Rest and the story behind it., 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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