Indeed it has passed some time since I lastly posted here and I even forgot to present you my new portfolio website made with Wordress.  It is all because of my busyness with many projects and daily work in my life. Well happily I am here now and I would like to show you my website which you can visit and see here:

I will not go so much in a great details about it,  I think you can visit the website and see yourself how everything is looking and what I put on it.

It is basically holding most of my works there,  including photography, vector art, graphics design and web design in different categories. As I am having a lot of projects, I cannot post them all , but I am choosing the best.

In about page you can see a simple flash website which can give an idea for the visitors what I can do with flash.

Using contact page anyone that needs my help for any project can really easy reach me by sending message. I surely respond at the exact moment.

The website is made with WordPress and everything there is completely designed by me.

Please visit, review and I hope you like it.  I now continue work…

Good day everyone !

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