The author

For better designs is founded by Ali Chorov, freelance graphics designer and photographer.  I am also the designer and administrator of Tutorials-place (A web site for one of the best collections  of tutorials on the web.)

The web site

The main purpose of this web site is to write articles about my experience with graphics design  and photography. I often make new designs for clients and all of them you can see in my portfolio. Mostly you can find here my articles about design like: my tutorials, collection of resources from various  artists from the web and their works, my photography and works from me  for your inspiration.


I  have interest in art and painting since I was a kid, I always making some designs and paintings  on peace of paper in school and home and collected them carefully. The first time I touched a PC  I looked for a painting program, so I found Photoshop and I’ve got my passion at the moment.  So I started with graphics designs somewhere around 4 years ago.Learning from tutorials in the web, I fastly learn it and started doing designs. I made my first web site for tutorials with my friend Makkalot  and very soon I stared to make my own  tutorials. It became popular in a while so we transform it in various of ways many times, the web site is currently called Tutorials-place.

I started professional with web design 2 years ago, when some of my first clients arrived and I am  currently improving my skills with photography. You can see some of my shots here or on my Flickr.

Apps and Abilities

My abilities and list of apps I am skilful

My gears

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