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Fresh collection of great free icons for your designs.

Today I will present you again a new collection of free icons for your designs. This time I’ve searched for the newest icons which have been released in the period of January 01 – April 12 2010. So all of them are fresh and I guarantee that they are really nice. I hope you’ll like this huge collection of awesome icons.  Thanks to everyone from the world of design!

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Download free flowers custom shapes

Today I am giving you a free custom shapes of flowers for Photoshop from me. This are free to use any way you want, there is few cool flower shapes in this pack.

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Download free Vector car design for Adobe Illustrator

This is the post with free AI file from the vector car tutorial. It is free for use in any way you like.

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Best collection of free twitter icons for your websites

We all know how much twitter is important for our online business this days. All site owners and especially Bloggers use it to bring some extra traffic for their web sites. That’s why using attractive twitter icons in your web sites is so much importand. In this post I will show you a very nice collection of free beautiful twitter icons you can use in your web sites.

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Free pack of icons from graphics designer Umar

It is that time again to present you a new packs of free icons. This time the icons are made by very talented graphics designer Umar Irshad.

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10 Awesome Photoshop actions for your photos.

Using action can make the work of a designers and photographers much more interesting and fun. It can also help us very much to make our work faster. In this article I am happy to share with you 10 awesome Photoshop action you can use in your photos. They’re all very nice, useful and you’ll achieve awesome results using them. Enjoy!

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The icon designer Kyo Tux and his new set of icons

One of the most important things in web design and development is using of beautifully created icons.  Designing Icons is hard, you need to have talent, skills, ideas, knowledge and good software to produce your work. From this words that I have said, you can have the software, you can have the ideas and knowledge, maybe you’ll have some skills in design too, but there is 1 thing that’s not always there. It’s the talent! In this post I would like to present you, one really talented with those gift to design icons artist.

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