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Best food for designers and web developers

Designers and web developers can be called the heroes of world wide web. They’re the people who make everything on Internet working, they are the people who make web sites beautiful, functional and if a person got a good idea for web site the designers and web developers can make the idea come true.

As such, the new heroes of our time and Internet need the best food. Don’t ever ever think that being a designer or developer is an easy job. We stay too much on the chare, on our desks, in our offices or in home in front of the computer and we put a lot of effort for a single web site to work well.

In this post I want to show you some of the best food a web designer or developer can have, so his day can be full of energy and he can work with pleasure and not feel hungry all the time.

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Positive and Negative Energy Effects on Water Crystals

I really like this video, look what the positive and good things do to water. It’s just amazing and beautiful and what the bad things do with it. It’s really awesome, I have watched at this movie somewehere a year ago and it really changed the way I see some things.

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I am saying: Yes to Restore the Earth. Let’s do good for it.

Saying Yes to the green world.  I have promised to my self and God to plant some trees, yep. And I’ll do when I can. I have this intention, you know I am a web designer I like to design and all that but most of all, like every one I like green trees, fresh air, clean rivers and beautiful nature that’s around us!

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