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Web Design: Official Portfolio Design

Indeed it has passed some time since I lastly posted here and I even forgot to present you my new portfolio website made with Wordress.  It is all because of my busyness with many projects and daily work in my life. Well happily I am here now and I would like to show you my website which you can visit and see here:

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My progress on wordrepss theme design.

In the past 4-5 months I was working on this blog from time to time, as some of you may know, I prommised that I will build this blog from nothing and I will make a post and tutorials for everything I am doing here. Since now the design have been changed 3 times. At the beginning it was just a white space with only texts and no CSS or any images.

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For better designs second theme.

Second WordPress theme from me.

The last few days I have worked on the new theme of this web site. I have choose this light soft colors green and very lightly orange almost yellow which I think are looking very good. The colors are good for the eyes and the rounded corners of the theme give it a very soft and beautiful look.

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Adding nice looking blockquotes for your posts using css

In this post I want to give you this little tip I decided to use here in my blog. This is a blockquotes which are stylised with CSS and they can make your blog to look much nice.

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Adding a new plugin ”Twitter badge” to this web page.

As I promised I would tell you everything I am doing to improve this blog. Today I get decision to add a Twitter badge plugin to this web site. It’s actually very easy and almost everyone knows how to add this, it even have some instructions, but let me give you some little tips about it.

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Some little css tips you can use in your blog

Today I want to share with you some little CSS tips which I am sure you will like if you don’t know them. This are 2 tips which will make your site to look a little bit better in some way. If you have noticed all the images in my blog now have this not so good looking 1-2px border around them. To remove this border I should put a rule in my css file which is:

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Which are the best colors I can choose for the articles in my web site?

If you already have read my post about the worst colors you can choose for the articles in your web pages, you know already my opinion about it. And I hope you agree with me for most of them. But I  have mentioned that there have some exceptions about them.

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