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Web Design: Official Portfolio Design

Indeed it has passed some time since I lastly posted here and I even forgot to present you my new portfolio website made with Wordress.  It is all because of my busyness with many projects and daily work in my life. Well happily I am here now and I would like to show you my website which you can visit and see here:

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Photography: Snow white

Before a week ago I was on a short walk in the nice winter weather and I have found this nice place. with the snow on the trees and this beautiful atmosphere it was more than amazing to be there. So I took this shot and want to share with all of you who read here. I hope you like it. I really love the look of the winter season when there is a snow. But now I hope that it is time for some nice sunny weather and I would enjoy the upcoming spring.
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Photography: Golden path

I just found this beautiful photo in my old arhive before a few days, I often visit this place for shooting and I really like it, the atmosphere there is so much mystic and amazing. Every time I took a shot it goes completely different. Today I will make you remember the beauty of the autumn season with this shot called: Golden path. Hope you like it all. Read more to see photo in full resolution.

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Photo of the day: First Snow

I almost stopped posting at my blog since I am having a lot of work on my head and I am very busy. All my days and nights are busy with projects, also I am building a new official portfolio website which I hope to be finished soon. Meanwhile I am taking some fresh breaks like walking in the deep forest on my own. So yesterday when our first snow was falling down I got out for shooting and taking new beautiful photographs…

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Photo of the day: Autumn

I am very busy recently with a lot of things, so I can’t update my blog that often as before, but today I found time to share this beautiful autumn shot I took few days ago. The place is really amazing, take a close look at the photo. Hope you like it.

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Another Path

It’s time for another beautiful shot from me,this was taken in a small trip to a beautiful mountain. It was cool and fresh day, hope you like it my readers 😉  Have a good day!

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Photo of the day: Harmony

I’ve really put a big effort for taking a good photograph of this beautiful place. I only hope you’ll like it :) Good day everyone!

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