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Photography: Tiny Pal

A few days ago, while I was having some relax from my loaded schedule, I took my camera and got out to have some fun with it. It was rainy and not that nice weather but I don’t like to spend all my time only on projects, I always find time to do something fun and different. While out I have found a place with some snails and nice grass, great to shoot. What was really nice was that I meet this little tiny pal who was lucky traveling for free on his friend’s back. Looks like a nice shot đŸ˜‰  Hope you like it.

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Photo of the day: Happy summer

The hot sunny days are now here and looks like the summer has already come. With today’s photo I wish you all readers of my blog a happy summer. Hope you’ll like this shot.

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Tutorial: Greeny navigation for your websites

Another green web navigation tutorial from me. This one is the last from this kind, hoep you will find it useful.

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Tutorial: Nice glossy menu

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make nice looking web menu for your websites.  It’s look is almost glossy and metallic, hope you’ll find it useful.

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Tutorial: Design glossy grey navigation menu

In this tutorial I will shot you how to make a very nice looking glossy grey navigation menu for your web site. Continue reading

Tutorial: Design awesome 3d Graph in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you how I design an awesome 3D color graph in Photoshop.

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Photo of the Day: Between heaven and earth

Here is my newest photograph, it’s from a place I sometimes visit when I’m in holiday. It is known with it’s beautiful landscape and water-scape views either in summer and winter. I’ve tried to catch the best capture for you from there.

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