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My progress on wordrepss theme design.

In the past 4-5 months I was working on this blog from time to time, as some of you may know, I prommised that I will build this blog from nothing and I will make a post and tutorials for everything I am doing here. Since now the design have been changed 3 times. At the beginning it was just a white space with only texts and no CSS or any images.

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For better designs theme 2: Fresh green. Free download

My second WordPress theme is called Fresh green and it’s now free for download. The 1st one you can find here: Simple elegant And all my themes will be in category themes of this site.

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Design theme for wordpress web site tutorial.

I am continuing with my works on this wordpress blog again. I have made a little pause, having some other stuff to do and now I am back with new ideas.

It take some time for this tutorial to be done, the reason is I make the whole design in 1 tutorial this time. As I said I have promised I’ll made a change with my tutorials and that’s it. You should not wait for tutorials to come 1 by 1 but I decided to make it in on big tutorial.

So here it is: 2 videos, 5 minutes each will give you a brief explanation of how this theme was designed. It’s called Fresh green. Later on a new post I will post this theme for free download, but until then you can watch this tutorial, and why not try to make theme like this for wordpress too.

The best way for learning is practice, so why not try. Hope you find this tutorial useful…

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For better designs theme 1: Simple elegant. Free download

For better design theme 1: Simple elegant is now available for free download.

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For better design: Template 1: Design a simple search box and search button tutorial.


My idea to change the design of this WordPress blog begins now. In this 1st tutorial I’ll design a search box. First I’ll begin with the design in Photoshop. Look at the video below to see my design. Hope it will be in use for you.

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For better design web site… What is all about ?

What is this web site all about?

You probably thing of that: What is this web site all about. Well I am ADK and this is my blog for improving my and your   design skills. I am a web developer and graphics designer.

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