In this very easy to to follow tutorial I will show you how to make a nice design of film-strip tutorial in Photoshop. It is completely done from scratch just using pen tool and shapes. Hope you’ll find this useful.

The dimensions in this tutorial are important to achieve nice results!
(You can click on tutorial images to view them in bigger size)

1.First open new document with dimensions: 800px 236px;

2.Create new layer and with the rectangle tool make a shape with black color like in the picture:

3.Hit CTRL+R to show the rulers and in this case position guides as shown in the picture: 0, 14, 28, after that if something is not right it can be fixed later…

4. Two more guides on 7, and 21

5.Now take the rectangle tool again and use fixed size from rectangle options: 190px 140px

6.Now select the shape layer and with rectangle tool select subtract from shape area (-) and then hold the ALT+ SHIFT and click in the middle of first 2 guides between 0 and 14 (in the centre)

7.After that you can select direct selection tool (A) and select the points of this shape. Copy then move to the right
using arrow keys…

8.When you’re ready take Rounded Rectangle tool and use fixed size again: 15px 23px.

9.Again select subtract from shape area Shortcut: (-) and then click in the middle of this guides like in the picture:

10.You can take direct selection tool (A) and select the points of this shape too.Copy then move to the right using arrow keys… same as before…

11.When move to the right and to the left I use SHIFT…

12.You should have something like that to the moment:

13.Then after all copy and paste you can take type tool and type some numbers 1,2,3… somewhere after the second rounded shapes…

14.We’re ready with our basic film-strip now we’ll make it a bit longer… Use canvas size:

15.I’ll make a little re-position of the points in my work using direct selection tool (A).

16.After that group all layers to the moment and duplicate the group… Move to the right and change the numbers…

17. I added some images to it, that’s where the fun part comes, everyone can add any pictures he wants and
let’s play a little with this film-strip on the next steps…

18.Duplicate all groups now (depends of how long film-strip you have made) then…

19.And merge this groups (but don’t merge the original! we make this merged layers so we can experiment a lil with them)

20.Using free transform tool I’ll rotate the film-strip a little…

21.Use some perspective…

22. Now go to filter -> Distort -> Wave…

23. And you can experiment with the settings, also you can use twirl filter too. Here are my settings I have used in this tutorial.

24.I’ll add and some Drop shadow to this:

And here are the final result with different settings:

Hope you like it.

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