In this tutorial I’ll show you how I design an awesome 3D color graph in Photoshop.

(You can click on the images to view them in bigger size)

Step 1.
First open a new image. The bigger dimensions are better for this tutorial.

Step 2
Take the rectangle tool and draw a shape like the mine in the image: This is where our 3d graph will stay.

Step 3
Next take the custom shape tool and and choose the grid shape I am showing you here:

Step 4.

Draw a shape with this custom shape and then duplicate it as much as it needs to get the look of this image:
(It’s good to group all this shape layers you’ll duplicate as I did. )

Step 5.

Next with the text transform tool CTRL+T use perspective and distort and try to make it look something like in my image:

Step 6.

Next go to the first shape you draw and add a layer style. Gradient color and choose the colors you wish.

Step 7.
Take the rectangle tool again, choose a color and draw a shape like mine.
Step 8.
Use free transform CTRL+T and perspective and make it look like the image below:
Step 9.
Duplicate this same shape and flip it horizontally. Also using free transform you must reduce the width of this shape. Make it smaller.
Step 10
Make the color of this shape a little bit darker.
Step 11.
Group this 2 shapes now and duplicate them. Move the new group below the first one.
Step 12.
Then resize it using free transform tool.
Step 13.
Click on this shape to change the color and make it lighter.

Step 14.
Repeat steps from 11 to 13 as much as you need.

Step 15
And change the colors also.

Step 16
After all this is what I have to the moment. It’s actually almost ready
Step 17
But the right side of this graphs must be a little bit darker. So click on it and in from the blending options let;s add an inner shadow.
Step 18
Copy and paste the layer style to all other right sides of this graph.
Step 19.
It’s done but let’s make a reflection to make it look more real and good. Just group all this and duplicate it once. After you duplicate use free transform tool CTRL+T and flip it vertical
Step 20.
Reduce the opacity of this layer.
Step 21
Let’s add a shadow. Again duplicate 1 time this group and place it beneath the first group. Use free transform again and distort to make it look like in my image:

Step 22
It’ should look something like in the image below:

Step 23
After this is done merge this group CTRL+E and change it’s color to black.

Reduce the opacity of our shadow and you’re done: Looks nice 🙂
Hope you like it. Feel free to post your replies with questions and suggestions.
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