In this tutorial I will shot you how to make a very nice looking glossy grey navigation menu for your web site.

(You can click on the images to view them in bigger size)

1.Start with a new document: 800px 150px. I’ll draw a shape with rectangle tool which I’ll use as a background. Color: 738594

2. Adding a place for the logo and description…

3.Take rounded rectangle tool with color: e3e3e3 and radius of 35px.

4.Now open the blending options of this shape and follow settings from next few images…
Drop shadow:

5. Inner glow:

6. Satin:

7.Gradient Overlay:

8.Now add some text with a nice font and lines between the buttons:

9.I’ll add 2 shapes for the roll over state!

10.Let’s continue with the search box… Draw 2 shapes like the example on the next image…

11.Copy and paste the same layer style like the navigation bar…

12. And add stroke to this layer style with color: 858585

13.Now take the Ellipse tool.

14. And draw a shape with it. This will be our GO button. Color: white.

15.Paste the same layer style like before…

16.Here we’ll change the stroke a little bit: Size:2 and Opacity: 19%

17.Add 2 texts Search and GO like in the next image…

18. Now let’s add a little bit of a glossiness… Draw a white shape over our first shape.

19.Take the rectangle tool and use subtract from shape area and cut the half of our new shape…

20.Lower the opacity: 25% and change the layer mode to Soft Light

21.You can move this new layer down… But at all we’re done 😀

Hope you like it and it has been useful for you…

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