In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a nice unique web button. I hope you will like this. 🙂

1. Take the rounded rectangle tool with radius 35px and draw a rectangle similar or same like in the picture:

2.Open the layer style window of this rectangle and follow the settings from the next few steps. Drop Shadow:

3.Inner Glow:

4.Bevel and Emboss and you can use contour here If you want the settings are default with the lower opacity:



7.After this you must have something like in the picture here and now make a selection of the shape of this button (Hit CTRL+one mouse click on the vector mask thumbnail)

8.The next thing you should do is to take the rectangle marque tool and cut the bottom part of the selection. So now we’ll have a half selection. To cut with rectangle marque tool hold ALT keyboard key and drag with the mouse.

9. Make a new layer and feel it white color. Use CTRL+Backspace to do this much faster, but remember your foreground color must be white while doing this.

10.Make the layer mode to soft Light opacity: 25% like in the picture:

11. Take the type tool and with some nice font with a white color type the text you want (About us in my case):

—So now If you like the button as it is, you can leave it like that. If you want you can continue to see how to make the other part of it.—

12.Take the custom shape tool now and choose the shape I am shown in the image:

13.So on a new layer draw this shape in right side of the button.

14.Take the direct selection tool and while holding CTRL+ALT+SHIFT try to make the shape like in the next image:

15.Use the free transform tool to flip the shape horizontal.

16. While you have something like that, you can follow the settings in the next images:

17.Drop Shadow:

18.Inner Shadow:


20.Inner Glow:

21.Gradient Overlay:

22.Now here you can make a selection again and you do the same for this shape like in the step 7 and step8.

23.Make the layer mode to soft light again and maybe change the opacity. And this is it.

24.The final result of this button in different colors. Hope you like it.

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Graphics designer and web developer from Bulgaria. Working as a freelancer from 2 years I have big experience in graphics design. In my spare time I make tutorials in my web site for tutorials: This is one of my hobbies. I also love Photography, sports and especially martial arts and free runing.

2 Thoughts on “Tutorial: Design Unique Web Button in photoshop”

  • Hey, very nice tutorial. Did you try a Cool Button Designer? I think it is a best web button creator – if you dont have a photoshop or dont know how to use it. You can also apply the CSS to the graphics created in Cool Button Designer. I suggest you to try it, it has bunch of features, and creates a cool looking buttons. Just google for Cool Button Designer.


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  • @batman:

    Thank you, I am happy that you like it and thanks for the suggestion. I may try this.

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