In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make nice looking web menu for your websites.  It’s look is almost glossy and metallic, hope you’ll find it useful.

1. First make a new document with this dimensions: 800px x 180px

2.So here I have made a background and something like a logo.  This is where our logo maybe should be. And the background color here is: 92adbe

3.Now select a Rectangle tool and use fixed size for example I use: 800px 30px but you can experimetn offcourse! And the color of the shape we’ll draw is: 186f90. Which is not so importand now because I thing to use a special gradient with no change to opacity. And also everyone can change this color to whatever he wish or like 😀  But for the same result use the settings in the image…

4.Now when you make the shape, open the blending options of this layer and change the settings like on the next few images, drop shadow:

5.Inner Glow:

6.Gradient Overlay is special here. Well the colors are 1: #d6eaf7 2:#c2d4e0 3:#b5c6d0 4:#d8e1e7 5:#eff4f7
and the 3 and 4 are very very close to each other. Almost over each other.

7.Here the next thing you can do is to draw a shape under this menu like in the image. The color is blue and I use a Gradiend Overlay from the Layer style window:

8.Next select the Rounded Rectangle Tool and use fixed size: 100px 30px.

9.Click on the menu and this will be our button! Place it somwhow like in the image below:

10.Type some text over it:

11.Now open the blending options of the button shape and use settings from next few images.

Inner Shadow:

12.Inner Glow:


14.Take the Line tool and draw a line next to the button home. I use a blue color for it.

15.Now select the 3 layers: the button shape, text and the new line and group them.
To do this after select hit shortcut CTRL+G

16.This group I called 1 and then duplicate this group for or more times.
Easies way to duplicate just take the group and drag it to the new layer icon in the bottom of
the window.

17.After all this you should have something like in the image below:

18.So change the names of other buttons to whatever you like and your nice
web menu is ready. Hope you like it.

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