In this tutorial I will show you a very interesting and nice effect for creating a Mosaic of photos from a photo in Photoshop. The final effect is very interesting and nice looking. I hope you’ll like it.

1. First step open new document in Photoshop and insert some image that you’ll like to use. The dimensions I use for this tutorial are: 1280px x 1024px.The image layer must be above the background image Like it’s shown in the picture:

2. Now duplicate the image layer and with free transform tool (CTRL+T) resize it a little bit and centre it in the middle of the white space.

3. Next, using rectangle tool make a shape, a little rectangle in the one of the corners of the image, duplicate it and then move it a side. Like in the next image.

4. Continue doing this until you have first row of rectangle shapes (little tip: if you rectangles don’t fit the image properly just use free transform tool select them all and resize them!),the easiest way to duplicate is: take the layer with the mouse and move down to the new layer icon:

5. To make the rectangles much more interesting, use free transfrom tool (CTRL+T) and warp feature there.

6. When you’re ready with all of this little rectangles, group all of them (CTRL+G) If you’re still not, because we’ll need that for the next step.

7. Once you have the first group of rectangles, take the group and move with the mouse to duplicate:

8. When you duplicate, a good idea here is to flip the group of rectangles horizontal or vertical, so they will not look all the same. This can be done for all the groups that will be duplicated.

9. To do it much faster take more than one group and continue to duplicate:

10. After you’re done with all that move to the next step where the easiest part comes:

11. Open one of the rectangles layer style window and here use the settings from below images:

12. Blending options custom: Fill opacity:0

13. Stroke: Size 1px colour: white.

14. Drop shadow: Angle: 175, Distance:1px, Spread:0px, Size 4px

15. Now you must copy this layer style to all other rectangles. Click with the right mouse button and choose Copy Layer style.

16. Then paste on all another. You can use Shift keyboard key to select the layers easily.

17. You must have something like in the picture below at the moment:

18. Almost the final ;D, The next step: need a selection of all of this rectangle shapes. TO do that Hold CTRL and click with the mouse on the Vector mask icons of little rectangle shape layers . This is a little boring here!

19. Once you have the selection of them, go and select your picture like shown in image below and hit shortcut CTRL+J.

20.Now you will have a new layer with images from the selection, a small little pictures that make the big one! Just hide the old layer of your picture and you’ll see it!

21. So to use this effect for every picture you want now, you just need to insert a picture. Move it to the centre make a selection of layer 1 in my case where the effect is used (no need to make selection of all rectangles one by one again!) and then hit CTRL +J and hide the old image layer. That’s all. Hope you liked it.


Hope you like it.

6. When you’re ready with all of this little rectangles, group all of them
(CTRL+G) If you’re still not, because we’ll need that for the next step.
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Tutorial:Learn to make mosaic of photos, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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4 Thoughts on “Tutorial:Learn to make mosaic of photos”

  • thanks for beautiful and interesting tutorial.

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  • Nice effect, but there are much easier ways to get there with fewer steps.

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  • @Dan: I will agree that maybe there is a way this to be done quicker, but in this case you can change the shapes in any way you like, so every time you can get different result.

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